YWCA Telephone: 203-869-6501
Fax: 203-629-8187

Adrianne C. Singer

Adrianne C. Singer
President and CEO, ext.101

Monica Bourgie
Chief Advancement Officer, ext. 103
Peter Lasalandra
Chief Financial Officer, ext. 112
Geri Smiles
Director of Childhood Education, ext. 221
Bruce Semer
Director of Aquatics, ext. 121
Barry Nova
Director of Communications, ext. 104
Kyle Wirtz
Director of Health and Fitness, ext. 131
Michelle Pennino
Director of Member Services, ext. 116
Meredith Gold & Vanessa Wilson
Acting Directors of Domestic Abuse Services, Ext. 176 & 177 &
Jim Lucsky
Director of Facilities, ext. 111