Planned Giving


Since 1919, planned gifts have played a critical role in stregnthening the YWCA Greenwich. Generous donors continue this tradition to ensure that the YWCA can meet the challenges of future generations. There are many ways to help. Here are some of the popular planned gift options.

Checks and Credit Cards

The easiest way to make a gift is to write a check or use your credit card. You can deduct the full amount as a charitable contribution on your income tax return. You may want to consider designating your gift to a YWCA program or endowment that you feel is especially important to you.

Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds

By donating stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares to the YWCA, you can, among other things, help domestic violence victims, provide scholarships for children’s educational programs, and endow educational seminars for leadership and racial justice. You will be able to deduct the fair market value of your assets (that you have held for more than one year) as a charitable contribution on your income taxes. And, no matter the value, when you make a gift to the YWCA, you never have to pay a capital gains tax on any appreciation.


Making a will is a wonderful way to take stock of your values and priorities. Bequests are gifts made through a will that let you retain assets during your lifetime while making a meaningful contribution to the YWCA in the future. You may designate your gift for a specific purpose or can establish an endowment in your name. You can specify an exact amount or property or designate your gift as a percentage of your estate.

Life Insurance

You can transfer life insurance to the YWCA that you no longer need for your family or purchase a life insurance policy naming the YWCA as beneficiary. This will give you an opportunity to provide a special future benefit to the YWCA at a reduced cost to you. You will be able to deduct the policy’s fair market value as an income tax charitable contribution as well as premiums you pay after you make the gift.

Retirement Assets

Your qualified retirement plans frequently may be the most tax-burdened assets you own—subject to both income taxes when you make withdrawals and estate taxes when you die. If you die before withdrawing them, your heirs must pay income taxes at their own respective tax rates. If you have a taxable estate, the assets also will be subject to estate taxes. By donating these assets to the YWCA, you can make a significant gift and realize substantial tax savings.

Real Estate

If you donate appreciated real estate, you will receive a charitable income tax deduction and avoid paying capital gains taxes on the appreciation. You can donate any real estate, but retain the right to use it for the rest of your life and receive a charitable income tax deduction based on the value of the remainder interest in the property. The YWCA can accept real estate only if there is a marketable title, no environmental issues and the probability that the property can be sold within a reasonable timeframe.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A trust can be funded with various assets and can establish a lifetime of income to beneficiaries while allocating the remaining principal, upon trust termination, to benefit the YWCA. Payouts can be deferred, fixed or variable based on the principal in trust each year. Trusts offer tremendous flexibility and can be tailored to personal circumstances.
YWCA Heritage Society

If you name the YWCA as beneficiary in your will or estate, please let us know and you will become a member of the YWCA Heritage Society. We will recognize you publicly and you will receive two free tickets each year to a YWCA event that honors women.

The Young Women’s Christian Association, Inc. (our legal name) does not assume the role of your attorney and encourages you to seek independent legal counsel. We are happy to offer these options for you to consider. The YWCA Development Department also can help you and your advisor plan a gift or trust that will provide you with the best possible tax and financial benefits, as well as the greatest personal satisfaction.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Monica Bourgie, Director of Development
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