Group Exercise


Working out with others is a great way to stay motivated and have fun while reaching your fitness goals!

At YWCA Greenwich, we are proud to offer a wide selection of group fitness classes that allow our members to experience a variety of work out options. Whether you're looking to unwind, improve your balance, strength, or master a specific skill or sport, our group fitness classes are exactly what you have been looking for. Our certified fitness instructors help members with proper form to enhance their skills, while also motiving you to meet your personal goals.

All classes are included in our full membership program. Affiliate members can purchase a day pass for $15, and non-members can also enjoy our fitness classes by purchasing a day pass for $25.

Browse our complete list of group fitness classes available below. For a full class description, please click on individual class titles to learn more.


Build strength and endurance

15-Minute-Abs – Strengthens your core, resulting in strong abs and back
Adult Ballet – Promotes cardiovascular fitness and good posture
Ballates – Fuses Pilates and ballet to improve core strength, posture, balance and flexibility
Body Barre – A high-intensity, low impact total body workout
Body Sculpt – Uses dance, weights, and resistance training to improve strength and cardiovascular fitness
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) - a total body workout, that combines strength and aerobic elements in a fast-paced circuit format
Kettlebells – Burn calories and increase strength and endurance
Kettlebells/TRX – An innovative class that combines high intensity strength with a cardio workout
Kickboxing – High-energy, fat burning workout that uses participants own body weight
Mat Pilates – Engage your core, while focusing on alignment and precision
Spin to Win – Gain strength and endurance all to great music
Power Spin & Sculpt – Adds weight training to your spin class
YW Strength – In a motivating environment, strengthen all major muscles using free weights and bands


Classes dedicated to Seniors

Boutelle Lifetime Fitness – Improve posture, body alignment, flexibility and muscle tone
Chair Yoga - Enjoy the benefit of yoga without getting on the floor
Core, Strength & Balance – Exercises designed to help seniors stay fit and active
Seniorcize – Strengthen muscles and balance with this moderately-paced aerobic exercise
Senior Strength – Provides strength training in a safe and controlled environment
Stretch and Restore - Especially for seniors, Hatha yoga to balance body and mind
Tai Chi – Uses martial arts to increase energy, improve coordination and achieve inner peace


Hatha Yoga – The most popular yoga, combines methods from other styles of yoga
Rise & Shine Yoga – A great way to start the day, for mind, body and spirit
Vinyasa Yoga – Focus on alignment of movement and breadth


For information about group exercise classes, contact Kyle Wirtz at 203-869-6501, ext. 141 or

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