Resources for Women and Girls

There are so many organizations and events across our state and beyond that are doing great advocacy work on behalf of women and girls.  
We’re going to help raise awareness of what’s out there and highlight upcoming events you may want to check out.  
Here’s a start … keep coming back for updates.  


Commission on Women, Children and Seniors:

The Commission on Women, Children, and Seniors (CWCS) is a non-partisan arm of the Connecticut General Assembly. As staff to the legislature, the CWCS researches best practices, coordinates stakeholders, and promotes public policies that are in the best interest of Connecticut’s underserved and underrepresented women, children and older adult

Fairfield County’s Community Foundation:

They promote philanthropy as a means to create change in Fairfield County, focusing on innovative and collaborative solutions to critical issues impacting the community.
Part of FCCF.  When you help a woman, you help her children, extended family, community, and society. When you help girls grow up and reach their full potential, you change the world. 

Finding the Fabulous:

Finding the Fabulous is a non-profit organization that inspires the next generation of female role models to lead with confidence, creativity and compassion.  Their programs target self-esteem, leadership, and professional development. Starting in kindergarten all the way through college, they help girls navigate 3 main obstacles – Fear of Failure … Pressure to Achieve Physical Perfection … Cultivation of Integrated Aspirations.  Learn more about the organization at 


Our mision is to empower girls through year-round leadership development and mentiorng that builds self-confidence and fosters diversity. LiveGirl helps young women, especially those who need us most, realize their full potential. 


Million Women Mentors

Million Women Mentors supports the engagement of one million Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) mentors (male and female) to increase the interest and confidence of girls and women to persist and succeed in STEM programs and careers. MWM is an initiative of STEMconnector in collaboration with over 60+ partners reaching over 30 million girls and women, 45+ corporate sponsors, and 35+ state leadership teams.

Women's Mentoring Network - Stamford, CT

WOMEN’S MENTORING NETWORK (WMN) provides career, educational and personal resources and support that promotes economic empowerment for low-income women and their families.